Quantum Foundations Workshop 2015

Newsletter of the APS Division of Quantum Information

Quantum Foundations Workshop 2015

June 20, 2015 Conferences 0

In order to celebrate the 90th anniversary of quantum mechanics, the International Journal of Quantum Foundations (IJQF), will host an online Workshop on Quantum Foundations from 9th July 2015 to 19th July 2015. The workshop will bring together leading experts in the field, and address the most pressing problems in the foundations of quantum mechanics today.

Based on the successful experience from First iWorkshop on the Meaning of the Wave Function and John Bell Workshop 2014, this workshop will be more self-organized. Every participant may create a topic in the workshop forum on his own, which attaches his paper and gives a concise introduction to his ideas to be discussed, and which also states the date and time of his two-hour discussion. Then other participants can leave comments beforehand or participate in the discussions by text chat in the forum in the two-hour duration at the time.

For more information, visit the Workshop’s website.

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