Month: March 2018

Newsletter of the APS Division of Quantum Information

Book Review: “What is Real?” by Adam Becker

Reviewed by Travis Norsen Adam Becker’s “What is Real?” [Basic Books, New York, 2018, 370 pages] provides a carefully-researched but non-technical and popularly-accessible overview of “the unfinished quest for the meaning of quantum physics.”  The book’s early chapters sketch the historical development of quantum mechanics, explain the challenge of understanding the iconic double-slit experiment, discuss…
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March 16, 2018 4

2018 March Meeting, Elections, and more

Yesterday saw the conclusion of the largest March Meeting in history, both in terms of overall attendance as well as representation by DQI/GQI. Thinking back to my first year as editor of The Times (back when it was a print publication), I recall publishing an overview of most of the sessions. That was in 2006…
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March 10, 2018 0