Exploring Open Quantum Systems in Quantum Simulators

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Exploring Open Quantum Systems in Quantum Simulators

April 6, 2019 Conferences 0

Dear Colleagues:

We would like to announce our conference “Exploring Open Quantum Systems in Quantum Simulators” to take place April 29 – May 3, 2019 at the Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics in beautiful Santa Barbara, California.  Please find a complete description at https://www.kitp.ucsb.edu/activities/qsim-c19 , where you can also sign up to attend.  We will have 24 speakers, listed below, and 2 poster sessions in which we encourage all participants, both junior and senior, to present a poster.  There will be a one hour discussion including a break-out session after every two talks to encourage brainstorming and growing new collaborations.  Please note there are a limited number of attendees, and KITP has a first come first serve admission policy for applications. We hope to see you there!

Lincoln Carr, Colorado School of Mines
Susana Huelga, University of Ulm
Sabrina Maniscalco, University of Turku
Vladan Vuletic, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

p.s. Our confirmed speakers are

  1. Mete Atature
  2. John Bollinger
  3. Daniel Braun
  4. Antoine Browaeys
  5. Giuseppe Carleo
  6. Iacopo Carusotto
  7. Antonella De Pasquale
  8. Tilman Esslinger
  9. Sean Hartnoll
  10. Clifford Johnson
  11. Eliot Kapit
  12. Igor Lesanovsky
  13. Benjamin Lev
  14. Chris Monroe
  15. Giovanna Morigi
  16. Christine Muschik
  17. Jukka Pekola
  18. Martin Plenio
  19. Pedram Roushan
  20. Jon Simon
  21. Jelena Vuckovic
  22. Andreas Wallraff
  23. Joerg Wrachtrup
  24. Nicole Yunger Halpern


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